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Terms and Conditions Apply

Where it all winning story for Ford.

Terms and Conditions Apply by Christine Emberson

The contents of Alex’s wardrobe, his entire CD collection and his Rothman Year books fitted neatly into four boxes, all now neatly stowed away in the boot. I would have been impressed if his leaving didn’t hurt so much. Now don’t get me wrong, I was relieved to see the books go. They had hogged my shelves taking up much valuable book space and many a time I had vigorously argued that Bridget Jones was a classic. So it was good riddance – to the books that is. Alex closed the boot down with a neat click and slowly walked back into the house. I hovered awkwardly on the doorstep and then followed him into the kitchen. Tea, I thought; a cup of tea is always the answer to a difficult situation. I busied myself, clattering mugs and teaspoons, glad to be occupied. Alex sat at the kitchen table tracing the wood grain with his finger. “Told you that Fiesta was a good buy, plenty of room in the boo…

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